Beyond S Corporation is a university laboratory-based startup company. We fabricate conductive natural fibers/fabric, such as silk and Japanese paper “Washi”, for IoT sensing. We produce sensors and IoT systems for ambient health sensing using these conductive fibers and fabric. Our systems are based on indirect measurement. Sensors do not require to attach with the surface of your skin. Thus, we install them into furniture, such as chairs and beds and so on. We also produce aroma and herb products for better living.

Our company policy is to use natural fibers for conductive fiber fabrication because of reducing environmental impact.

We think proper posture is the key to live comfortably and healthy. If you have bad posture, you might have pain and disorder. Our system evaluates your pelvic posture conditions and propose/offer correction methods.

Address: 2-2-30, Chuo, Aoba, Sendai 9800021, Miyagi, Japan